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Laravel 5.5 Admin Panel | Spark | Crud- JOSH by Jyostna Dashboard Review

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Josh Admin Template built on a comprehensive platform which includes Bootstrap 4 and Laravel 5.5. The template helps the web developers to create attractive pages for a business that features more than 100 interface components. The theme is highly responsive and it is available in both HTML and PHP versions.

And the most stunning feature in Josh Admin Template is, having both Frontend and Backend in a single Admin Template. The Backend code can be easily migrated to Frontend page by using the latest version of Laravel 5.5 Dashboard of the template has impressive UI with Datatables and Data charts that provides architectural information to the administrator. All the backend applications are customizable and user-friendly. Josh Admin Template has each and every component that is useful for designing a website.

Josh comes up with latest laravel 5.5 version. Basically, Laravel has some inbuilt CSS and JavaScript support to improve and strengthen the functionality. But it can be removed and can be developed from scratch. The extension of support can be limited to Vue framework only. Whereas the Laravel 5.5 introduces three frontends presets i.e., Bootstrap, Vue, React and you can switch to any of the frameworks as required. In Laravel 5.5 design of the pages are improved. All the corresponding changes regarding Laravel 5.5 were made and code clean up is done to update Josh Admin Template with latest laravel 5.5 version.

Josh Admin Template has an impressive feature of CRUD GUI Builder. CRUD Builder is used to adding and deleting the required field easily. This feature of CRUD Builder is easy to access and it is customizable.  In the Builders Column of a template, forms can be easily created by just dragging the fields into the Form column. Hence, CRUD GUI Builder saves huge time on repetitive tasks.

Josh Admin Template has an impressive frontend design by using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. It has more than 70 admin pages with 20+ front end pages and more than 200 jQuery components to build the admin panel with multiple color schemes which can be applied as required. It has Blog, News, Shopping cart UI as HTML features. Apart from this, all these features of HTML are supported with Laravel which makes the template best. And also it has been the first Admin template with the combination of Laravel and Bootstrap.

Josh Admin Template holds different skills in the creation from scratch and maintenance of data by the Admin. It covers different areas of web design which includes interface design, web graphic design, and user experience. It also covers search engine optimization. The template is mainly used in the fields of problem solving and visual communication by making use of Charts, Datatables, Form and statistics. The template also supports the reminder of tasks and Quick mail service which is an added advantage for the template.

All new Josh Admin Template comes with latest laravel 5.5 that has been neatly coded for both frontend and backend applications and is available for a mere cost of $28 globally on Codecanyon platform. It has been updating continuously for upcoming new technologies and also with new features at quick intervals of time. If there is anything that you wish to contribute to the template, do let us know.



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