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Why Women above 30 Years of Age Need To Go Through These 5 Medical Tests

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Living a healthy life means being free from diseases. It is almost impossible to not have disease of even mild type, such as common cold or spasm of muscles. Some people, particularly women, in most countries fail to take care of their body and mind due to sheer neglect. This leads to wide variety of diseases which are usually detected at quite a late stage and they have to be on continuous medication or require surgery. Instead, if these ladies would have undergone certain tests in their early years, preferably in their early 30s, then major treatments and surgeries would have been prevented. So, some of the medical health checkup tests which women should take up when they reach the age of thirty are:

Cervical cancer screening

Pap smear test for cervical cancer screening is an important test, especially needed by ladies crossing the age threshold of 30. It might also show the presence of HPV virus, which can cause infections or may be implicated in the causation of this kind of cancer. Sometimes, this virus may pass on to the child born in this age group. Many advanced set ups and aware people are readily going for these tests nowadays because of their importance.

Thyroid Malfunction

One of the very common medical conditions found in women in their late 30s is that of malfunction of thyroid tissues. Women commonly suffer from hypothyroidism and sometimes from hyperthyroidism, so that they have to start the medicines at the earliest. Decreased thyroid secretion can have plenty of deleterious effects on the health and therefore is best if detected at the earliest.

Breast cancer screening

Breast cancer screening or detection of fibroadenosis also is nowadays included in the few tests done in females crossing the age of thirty. This is important because a carcinoma detected at the earliest stage is very likely to be completely cured. So, having mammary examination or breast tissue microscopy can be essential to know the status of breast tissue and rule out any cellular or morphological alterations.

Diabetes screening

Another important and morbid disease which might start in the late 30s or early 40s in women is diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is usually not easily detected because most patients do not feel any issues unless there is some distressing problem or accidentally. But, diabetes screening in women can be done every yearly from their 30s, so that the right treatment can be tried at the earliest and patients can be comfortable in their lifestyle.

Lipid profile testing

Lipid profile testing is also necessary in many females as they have a tendency to put on weight after the age of 30 years. Fat deposits, big waistline as well as fat deposits in limbs can be extremely harmful for women. They are important sources for hormonal secretions and metabolism, so that some problems may arise. Keeping the lipid under control would be in the best interest of the ladies.

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