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Leadership Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Managing a Remote Team

Employees are working remotely in increasing numbers. Remote work had increased in popularity before the coronavirus lockdowns that affected many employers in the spring of 2020. Since the lockdown, employers who were once reluctant to consider remote work have used remote work to continue operating.

Remote work benefits employers and employees in several ways. Employers can reduce costs, and employees have reduced exposure to viruses and reduced commute times. However, there are some challenges. Those in leadership may find it difficult to supervise remote teams. However, you can effectively oversee projects and staff with these helpful resources.

Consult business leaders

Your company may be implementing remote work opportunities for the first time, but this does not mean you have to navigate it alone. Turn to reputable business leaders, such as Mark Wiseman, to educate your management teams about effective management strategies. Investment managers may have useful tips for coordinating schedules because they deal with global markets and respond promptly to developments that happen overnight.

Use communication platforms

Use business communication platforms to facilitate regular communication between team members. Popular platforms include Basecamp, Slack, and HipChat. Users can create customized channels and add team members to those threads. Use the privacy settings to prevent unauthorized access. Team members can provide status updates, post queries, and provide feedback. Many communication platforms include a search feature, which allows users to perform keyword searches to locate information. This approach to communication ensures appropriate staff can be updated with all the latest information because staff members who have been off work can review the posts they received during their time off.

Construct a schedule

If your team members work the same hours, you can implement scheduled check-ins. Have all team members email you or use your communication platform and confirm their work agenda within their first hour of the workday. You can also ask your staff to send a status update at the end of the day or week.

Connect virtually

Remote call center technology like Bright Pattern enables you to connect your team through a cloud-based call center virtually. Use their custom management software to monitor staff and evaluate their performance. You will be able to track all employee interactions using this software. When an employee takes a call, the system creates a record. Supervisors can use this to determine how frequently employees took calls and the hours they worked. You can use this software to monitor incoming and outgoing calls.

Use networking software

Objectives and key results (OKR) software can be used to coordinate team activities. Use OKR software to set goals for your company or specific teams within your business. This software allows you to construct measurable targets and determine what outcomes are required to meet those targets. It can also be used to identify strategies for achieving these goals. Team members can network through this software. The entire team will have a clear understanding of the team’s focus because they all have access to the same data. This prevents miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Prioritize outcomes

Location-based managers can make the mistake of focusing on staff activities throughout the day, instead of prioritizing outcomes. Managers can’t supervise staff minute to minute when they work remotely, but they can concentrate on productivity. Are staff meeting deadlines? Do their reports meet expectations? You can also stay informed by asking for regular status updates to ensure projects are on schedule.

Schedule video conferencing calls

Video conferencing apps allow multiple people to communicate directly without meeting in person. Schedule regular video conferences to check in with your team and promote verbal communication between team members. Meeting face to face humanizes your team. You will also be able to track progress and provide guidance to resolve issues. Video conferencing can also reassure you that your team is meeting expectations.

Track progress

Custom apps, such as Trello, can be used to create task lists and monitor progress on those tasks. Create cards for each task. Add the name of the assigned staff, deadline, and instructions to the card. The supervisor’s name can also be attached to the card, and the app notifies employees and supervisors of changes to the card. Other software, such as Activtrak and Teramind, is designed for monitoring staff and protecting company data.



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