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Top 5 biggest problems in the world that needs to be solve soon

current global issues

I think there is more and more research is required to find out which of the global problem is most affecting. Every year governments are spending over $500 billion to make our world a safe and beautiful place to be lived in, but still, there is a gap somewhere in research and we couldn’t find out which of the global problems and issues to be prioritized first.

There is a dire need for the “Global priorities research”.

Here, I would like to discuss some of the biggest and the most frightening and mind-numbing current global issues in the world that needs to be solved soon.

Global warming                          

Global warming has become a major world concern nowadays. Most of the young millennial about 48.8 percent of the people who undergone through survey considers climate change as the biggest and serious problem, the world facing today and the positive thing is that about 78% of them are willing to improve their living style to deal with it.

Global warming is basically the increment in the temperature of the Earth and its atmosphere. Due to high accumulation of greenhouse gases, our Earth is experiencing abruptly increase in its warming

According to a scientific research, the main reason for this accumulation is human activities such as Deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.

I think nobody is unaware that how deeply global warming is affecting us:

  • We can see, glaciers and sea ice are melting and causing sea level rise
  • making arid and semi-arid areas dryer than before
  • increasing the destructive power of hurricanes and cyclones

Few tips I want to tell you about how you could help to solve this world problem individually

  • Please plant more and more trees
  • Use Public transportation up to the possible extent
  • Optimize your energy use

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power has become a most serious and persistent challenge against the world. Main problem with nuclear power is the handling of dangerous radioactive waste that remains active for about 240,000 years.

No doubt, there are benefits of nuclear power but problems embedded with it are bigger and have long term effects.nuclear power plant

You will be surprised to know that the production of 10,000 tons of uranium fuel is responsible for the generation of around 100,000 tons of solid residue and 3.5 million of liquid residue. Exposure to this radioactive waste can cause cancer, leukaemia, and many genetic disorders. According to a study held by the University of California, daily production of nuclear power is also causing health risk.

Other problems with the nuclear power are the safety issues related to it. We can see the past blunder such as natrium leak in the Monju fast-breeder reactor in 1995 in Japan, safety issue arise due to a puncture found in the reactor head in Davis-Besse reactor in Ohio, USA in 2003,could cause catastrophic meltdown. Blast at these reactors can be so dangerous that it can bring the whole world at a single gunpoint.

Nuclear weapons and terrorism

In the past years, Plutonium -239, one of by-product of nuclear reactor used by the military only but nowadays it is vigorously used to make nuclear bomb or weapons for the terrorist attacks. Nuclear power has become the most powerful weapon for the terrorism. Terrorist can target nuclear installations and radioactive material can be used to make dirty bombs.

Till now there is no future solution is available to handle the cons of nuclear power. 


ISISI has become a largest threat to the global peace. The increasingly brutality acts, deadly attacks all over the world are raising alarm that  they might have expanded their operations beyond Iraq and Syria.isis

ISISI, the most deadly terrorist organization, use internet propaganda to spread their terror worldwide. Their others inhuman activities are attacking on hospitals, temples and schools, destroying cultural property, recruitment of child soldiers, destructing the social, cultural and economic rights of civilians just for their religious beliefs. They, not only do maltreating with the civilians of Iraq and Syria but are targeting other countries around the world.

Although many international action has been taken over ISIS, still it is growing:

In 2004, UNSC embraced resolution that condemned ISIS’s attacks on civilians on the basis of their religious beliefs and pressed the need of bringing all offenders and foreign attackers to justice by considering their acts as a crime against inhumanity.

Many international laws have been made including 946 air strikes launched by USA in Syria and 1700 air strikes launched by United States-led coalition in Iraq against ISIS. But still all these efforts could not stop ISISI from committing inhuman activities.

Bio security-A major concern

Infectious disease such as anthrax occurring naturally and use of these disease as a biological weapon by any terrorist communities are the biological threats that comes under the bio security.

These biological threats can infect a very large population and make all the people diseased and forced to death. Cholera, yellow fever, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS are some of the infectious disease that are still posing threats to the human beings.

Rising threats of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays many terrorist organization are developing autonomous weapons, these weapons are programmed to destruct the life of human beings. These weapons comes with artificial intelligence, can cause mass casualties and can be more and more harmful as the level of artificial intelligence and autonomy rises. These Weapons could not be thwarted easily by the targeted person.artificial intelligence

I am not saying here that research in AI should be stopped but still there is a need to handle the adverse effects of AI.

I have discussed here top five biggest problems in the world that should be resolved as soon as possible.

For these current global issues such as terrorism, climate change, and nuclear power, AI, many researchers, scientists, thriving community is constantly striving to find the solutions for these problem but still there is a long way to go to accomplish our goals.

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