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Coping With Separation and Divorce

Coping With Separation and Divorce


Separation and divorce are listed as two of the most stressful events that a person can experience. A significant change in your relationship status can represent uncertainty. You may need to move, or you may find yourself facing other financial concerns due to separation or divorce. Financial issues and moving are also ranked among the most stressful life events people go through, which means that separation or divorce can trigger a number of difficult situations you must deal with.

It is normal to experience strong emotions during a separation and divorce. You will need to process your grief and deal with your loss; however, the emotional impact isn’t the only repercussion of your separation or divorce that you will face. You will navigate your divorce or separation more effectively if you prepare to address legal and financial matters proactively. You can also protect yourself by managing your health and emotional well-being.

Legal Protection

Your marriage license represents a legal agreement. Many attorneys offer a free consultation and you should seek legal advice when you are considering a separation or divorce. You may be able to pursue a formal separation agreement and get a temporary court order that determines things like where minor children will stay and who has authority to pick them up from school. You may also be able to prevent your spouse from selling assets.

GoLookUp is an excellent resource for locating contact information for divorce attorneys. You can access their address and telephone number. You can also review online divorce records to find local lawyers who represent people in your area. Viewing a local divorce record— which is a public record—is also informative. You should be aware of what kind of information may be accessible to others after your divorce is complete.

Financial Matters

It is a good idea to run a credit check, compile bank statements and make a list of your assets early on. This will ensure you can take legal steps to protect your financial assets during separation or divorce. Inform your bank about any legal status changes, and set up a personal bank account so that you can have your paychecks deposited into your own account instead of a joint bank account. This will ensure that your spouse does not have access to your salary. After your divorce, you should present your financial institutions with a copy of your divorce decree to protect your credit and personal assets.

Contact your credit card companies and other creditors. You should take steps to ensure that your spouse cannot take out a new loan or apply for additional credit on existing loans without your knowledge. It may also be possible for you to remove your spouse from your credit card account. This can prevent them from incurring debts that you will be financially responsible for.

Personal Health

Stress weakens your immune system. This means that separation and divorce can lead to physical health issues. You can manage your stress and maintain your physical health by maintaining a good exercise routine. You can help reduce your stress levels just by walking for 20 minutes each day. Other ways to manage your stress include maintaining a healthy diet and meditating.

You can also manage your stress with cannabidiol (CBD) products. Smoking a prerolled joint can help you calm your nerves. It can also reduce insomnia and help manage anxiety. Studies suggest it may also help people who have issues with high blood pressure and could potentially prevent diabetes. Premier CBD vendor Plain Jane offers a number of quality CBD products that you can use to promote relaxation or manage your health concerns.

Emotional Support

Talking to a therapist is an effective way of processing your emotions. You can speak to a counselor confidentially and without judgment. Friends and family may feel they need to take sides or offer pity, which can be counterproductive. A professional therapist can help you work through the stages of grief, set new goals, think positively about your future, and make sensible decisions.

You may also benefit from joining a support group. Support groups offer an effective way of connecting with people who are going through the same issues you’re facing. Those who are further along in the process may be able to offer helpful advice. Talking to people who are also dealing with separation or divorce can also alleviate feelings of isolation and provide companionship.


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