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Golden Jewelry and Its Types


Over the ages, jewelry has hardly been ignored, as it has doubtless been one of the most popular and sought after things in the history of mankind, as whole countries have gone to war over the possession of a small amount of precious gems and jewelry, proving that mankind has become very, very territorial and possessive of their jewelry. Further proof of the popularity of jewelry can be found when one observes the demand for jewelry all over the world. Whichever street of whichever country one chooses to walk through, they will doubtless see at least 3 to 4 jewellers.

But, we digress. As our point of observation is supposed to be the types of jewelry, let us observe those. As some sort of decorative ornament has been present since almost the beginning of the history of Man, the types of jewelry that one can procure has been greatly evolving, as each and every single civilization contributes their own idea of jewelry, the base design and maybe some pieces are still preserved long after the civilization itself has passed on. A classic example of this is tribes such as the Incas and Mayans, who contributed greatly to the idea of jewelry. Using primitive metals, they made many different types of jewelry, which ended up in many corners of the world, spreading the designs and ideas that they created.

Different Types of Golden Jewelry

Golden jewelry has been one of the most sought after things in the history of Man, no matter which single civilization one speaks of. After the world was civilized, and moved on from the Prehistoric Ages into the Medieval one, gold got an instant boost in its popularity, as suddenly whole continents were enthralled by its alluring beauty.

As for the types of jewelry, different pieces of jewelry are often very unlike each other, as the limit of what a jeweler can do with even an ounce of gold is only as low as the limit of his imagination. Even the most novices of jewellers know how to make wonders with the smallest amount of gold.


One of the most common types of gold jewelry that is in demand all over the world is the simple golden ring. This may sound inherently simple, but is assured one of the cheapest, and yet most effective things that one can try to enhance their natural beauty. The ring itself is almost always made entirely of a small amount of gold. Sometimes, the ring may have a small stone, such as a bright ruby or polished diamond, in the dead centre of the front of the ring.


This is the second most popular type of jewelry that can be found all over the world. All over the world, more than a hundred necklaces are made every day from lots of different gold necklace designs in 10 grams, all of which have a striking amount of distinct features. While some of them are encrusted with smaller stones, often times the necklace is not just a single chain, but multiple chains stretching from one clasp to another, a technique that is used widely and frequently by jewellers all over the entire world. The concept has an offshoot called pendant, which are also very popular all over the world. One can check out gold pendant designs with price at just about any jeweller’s shop.

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