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What is Guest Posting in SEO?

7 Ways to Increase Sales Using SEO blog

The first page of results garnered after an internet search is statistically the one that matters most to consumers and business owners. Research has shown that 95 percent of search traffic occurs on the first page of results. From the last result on the first page and the first result on the subsequent page, search traffic declines. Users hardly ever browse other pages of results, and are therefore more likely to make purchases from sites listed on the first page. Most of the links included on the first page of search results are links to websites with recently published content, considering that most users click strictly on the first page of results.

Business owners can stay relevant and maintain an active online presence by guest posting. In search engine optimization, guest posting refers to creating content for someone else’s blog or website. Guest posting gives business owners the opportunity to forge positive professional relationships with other business owners, gain more exposure, and increase the likelihood of having their business referenced and linked back to by other business owners.

Guest posting is optimized with LinkGraph, an SEO digital marketing company, through link building. The web content created is written in a way that specifically targets the audience it’s intended for, and provides relevant information pertaining to the anchor text that links to a company’s website. Links are built and used in content in organic ways that are relevant to the topic. Implementing link building can increase a company’s ranking on search engine results pages, therefore increasing the traffic to the company’s website.

Business owners should always remember that guest posts should be well-written, clear, informative, and engaging. Some blogs and websites that business owners make guests posts for may include guest posts from other business owners. Be sure that when someone writes a guest post, the article is full of unique, researched content that allows their guest post to stand out against the competition and create interest in their own business. Most importantly, the topic of a guest post should be relevant to one’s own business and website. Guest posts present business owners with the opportunity to make their names and company brand more known and familiar to different audiences, so business owners should make sure their posts are impressive.

It would behoove a business owner to ensure that a guest post of theirs that is included on another business owner’s site or blog provides visitors with a link to their own site or blog. The link should be organically included in the text of the post and encourage visitors to click the link and be led to their site. This increases traffic and draws more users to a company website.

The more guest posts a business owner contributes to another business, and the more SEO practices a business owner uses on their site, the more likely it is that their internet presence will be increased, and more interest in their company will be sparked. Guest posts enable business owners to increase their ranking on search results pages through their growing associations with other reputable businesses. Likewise, as their websites gain more traffic and become more visible, it’s helpful for business owners to include links to other sites and blogs on their websites and welcome guest posts by other business owners, because by referencing other companies in the same or a similar industry, business owners can increase their credibility and gain the reputation of being an authentic source who recognizes other growing and leading companies in the industry.

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