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Hit By A Car? Here’s What To Do

hit while walking

If you are hit by a car, you must immediately take yourself to the doctor. You need to rush to see what damages you have suffered from and heal from them. Your life is the most important and the only one you have, so take care of yourself as a priority after such an accident.


However, healthcare is expensive and you should not pay for what are damages that aren’t caused by any fault of yours. It is not okay to ignore and let the car driver that hit you go scot-free. Here’s what you should do:

Take pictures and confront eyewitnesses

You can show proof that you are injured but in order to hold the driver accountable, you should have physical proofs ready that work in a court of law. You should note down the number plate if you can, and take pictures if you get to. People who saw the accident take place work as well, ask them to stand for you and help you out if needed.

Keep your cool

Even though it can be really frustrating and draining to be cool in circumstances like these, it is crucial to make wise decisions. One tends to overreact when hurt and this situation is an ideal example. To make rational decisions and get the best out of them, it is necessary that you stay calm and composed before you think of something to do. Any decision that comes out of rage will be harmful to you and your injury and might prove to be ineffective vis-a-vis proper methods of the claim.

Know what you’re facing

After a serious injury, you should know what exactly is the case with your body after consulting a doctor. It will then help you figure out what losses you have suffered from, physically, and make out how much money is to be paid. Thereafter, when you contact a Kent, WA injury attorney, they will help you claim for these damages. An injury can take a long time to recover and can even hamper work in some cases.

Claim damages

In lieu of the hurt, you will be liable to physical and some emotional damages as well, depending upon the incident. If you get hit by a car, it is necessary to claim these rightly and not just adjust and cooperate with whatever is given to you. A good lawyer will help you claim the damage done to you and help lift off a load of such a huge financial burden.

Stick to your word

As a pedestrian, you’re liable to more damage and it is the responsibility of the bigger vehicle to always consider the smaller vehicle or the more vulnerable group while driving. The money paid in case of damage is not always helpful in covering up for emotional damage but it does reduce the stress of health cover to a huge extent, so it is important to stay truthful to what you need to recover.



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