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The Impact of Severe Personal Injuries

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The law doesn’t provide a distinct definition of what qualifies as a severe or catastrophic injury. Nevertheless, personal injuries that require continuous medication and even multiple surgeries are classified as severe personal injuries during a settlement. Often, such injuries lead to long-term disability or personal disfigurement.

Severe personal injuries will definitely affect the quality of life. Unfortunately, complications resulting from the injuries could lead to death. According to research, unintentional injuries are the third largest cause of death in the united states.

If you are a victim of a serious injury, the road to recovery will be a challenging one. However, with the help of a personal injury attorney like Richmond Vona, LLC in Bufflo, NY, your path to recovery can go a bit more smoothly.

Here are some common challenges faced by victims of severe personal injuries.


Pain can be defined as the physical distress you are forced to deal with, and is not something that anyone would wish to experience ever. A victim may experience frequent spike pain levels along joints or areas of the body affected by the injury.

Also, the pain involved may translate into frequent headaches. The unfortunate part is that the headaches may turn into a lifetime migraine. This means that the quality of your life will be impacted, and the joy to live will not be like it used to be before the accident.

Physical Impairment

One pervasive impact of personal injury is scarring; as a result of the injuries and associated medical treatment. If the damage is severe and consequently requires multiple surgeries, including cosmetic surgeries.

Generally, scarring in areas of the bodies that flex leading to the webbing of toes or fingers can either result in a permanent or slight loss in mobility. This is because scarring signals scar tissue damage and can make an area of flesh to be less flexible.

Emotional Suffering

According to research, one-third of individuals experiencing a personal injury may suffer from either symptom of emotional trauma. The mental and emotional impact of a personal injury includes shock, mental anguish, fear, anger, emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, embarrassment, random crying, lack of appetite, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, lack of energy, and sleep disturbances.

Financial Related Impact

While insurance may cover a significant part of it, some medical expenses may be out of pocket. Surgeries, follow up with the doctor. In the case of less severe injuries, one may be referred to a chiropractor, but still, nothing is free, though less expensive compared to hospital bills.

Medical expenses will take a large part of your savings. If you do not seek fair compensation and insurance cover, the prolonged medication sometimes running a lifetime may bankrupt you. Also, you may lose income and the ability to provide for your family.

Change of Lifestyle

Life, as you know it, will never be the same again after experiencing a severe injury. For instance, loss of mobility could mean that you can no longer perform the various task, like going to work or partial loss in productivity.

You won’t be able to enjoy hanging out with your friend, enjoying your past time like playing tennis or whichever sport you were an enthusiast. You will start losing friends since you can no longer hang out with them for activities.


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