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7 Uplifting Documentaries You Should Watch if You Are Unsatisfied with Life

Uplifting Documentaries

It often happens that we feel down and hopeless with life and nothing seems to work. We lost all will to grow and be productive and just end up existing and passing each day with extreme effort. We all know that life should not feel forced and we should want to live it with complete willingness. Well, we do understand that everyone wants to be happy and satisfied with life and a lot changes when you live life and do things happily. 

We also never really realize that we are mostly sad and hopeless because we often indulge in content and people that are negative and keep us comfortable in the sad mood. While it is best to see a therapist when you feel hopeless, it is also known that watching uplifting and hopeful content can lift up your mood instantly. It is virtually suicide if you are sad and you watch something that makes you sadder. 

So, if you don’t want to feel empty and depressed anymore, we have a list of documentaries that will make you truly happy and will also teach you the true meaning of life and happiness. 


RBG is a documentary that discusses the career of the United States Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The documentary revolves around her career and her fight for the rights of gay people, women, the poor and other socially discriminated marginalized groups. 

Apart from discussing her exceptional life and career, the documentary teaches people to not lose hope and always stay on the truth’s side. It also teaches us to speak for those who are unheard and make a better use of the power that we possess. It is wholesome and uplifting to watch how she was the second female justice to get the seat and how she used it well and became voiceless people’s voice. 


If you are looking for an engaging, optimistic, and uplifting documentary you will love Happy. Happy is a documentary where filmmaker Roko Belic travels about 14 different countries in order to know different people’s meanings of happiness. The documentary shows us peoples’ ways of life and what it means for them to be happy. The documentary is best for you if you want to get into a good mood and learn what it truly means to be happy. It will teach you to appreciate life while you have it. If you have not watched this documentary we recommend watching it. 

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Daughters of Destiny 

Daughters of Destiny is a Netflix original mini TV series that is created by the Oscar-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth. The documentary revolves around a unique group of kids born into the most discriminated against and poor families on the planet. The documentary explores their lives and the purpose of their destiny. Girls from these castes from India are seen as unfortunate and unworthy of basic education, and the documentary shot over seven years discusses how at school they break this ages-old cycle of poverty. It gives us hope for a better future and how one should always hope for the best. 


Resurface is perfect for you if you want to get rid of depression and feeling like there is nothing to life than emptiness. A war veteran who is on the verge of suicide finds out about surf therapy that his fellow veterans are taking, and starts going surfing with them. He sees surfing as a getaway from his depression and deals with his post-traumatic stress disorder through surf therapy. It makes him and like-minded souls like him heal from their depression. The documentary is good for you if you want to watch something soothing, wholesome, and uplifting. 


Given is a documentary about a young boy from Kauai who goes on a surfing adventure across 15 countries. The traveling widens the 4 or 5-year-old boy’s perspective and he looks at life differently afterward. The narration is from the young boy’s viewpoint and it teaches us that traveling can teach people great things in life. The documentary teaches you to open your mind and heart toward new possibilities and experiences in life. 

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things is a documentary about minimalism that takes you through different flavors of minimalism. It shows the audience the lives and habits of minimalists from almost all walks of life such as families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former Wall Street broker. All these people are striving and trying to live a meaningful life and restructure the meaning of happiness in the US. 

For them, happiness now doesn’t mean having all the expensive things in life, and it depends more on the little moments in life. They are changing the definition of happiness and trying to vanish materialism from their lives. The documentary is best for anyone who wants to declutter their lives and get rid of all the unnecessary materialistic things they possess. So, if you ever feel like nothing is enough for you and that buying things doesn’t make you happy anymore, watch this documentary as it will change your life and will make you want to happily throw everything away because only your inner happiness matters. 

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking is a very famous and legendary documentary series about the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking’s vision of the universe. In the documentary, Hawking gives us a complete guide to the universe based on the real science of space and time, and discusses the real-time possibilities from the nature of the universe to the chances of alien life as well as the possibility of time travel. While the documentary and theory itself is groundbreaking and doesn’t need any more explanation to the mastermind Stephen Hawking was, knowing that he could not move a millimeter of his body and only functioned through his brain is fascinating and motivating enough for us to keep going in life. If there is one person whose life is full of hopeful lessons and teaches us that anything is possible if you have the will, it is this guy. 

The documentaries mentioned above are some of the most uplifting documentaries and give us great hope in life. So, if you ever feel down, and unproductive, these documentaries will restore your faith in happiness and the beauty of life. 

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