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Things to Organise Before Your Caravan Road Trip


Road trips are a fantastic opportunity to take your caravan out onto the open road. Whether you’re off on a family jaunt or you fancy a solo trip to do some soul searching, there is nothing quite like turning the key in the ignition and driving off into the sunset. However, even if your trip is a relatively spontaneous one, there are still things you can organise beforehand to make sure your journey goes by without any bumps in the road. Let’s discover the three things you’ll need to organise to make sure your next caravan road trip is a success.

Get Your Caravan Ready forThe Road

Making a checklist of all your essential items is an excellent way to make sure your vehicle is primed for adventure. Start by ensuring that all the basics such as a gas bottle, regulator, cleaning products, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and spare tyres are all present and correct so that you are prepared for all occasions and eventualities. It might even be useful to locate any specialist camping shops close to your destination in case of emergencies.

With your safety equipment packed, your next step before you leave should be to do a few safety checks. Make sure your towing aid is correctly fitted and that allofyour tyres are at the correct pressure. Secureany loose furniture and belongings inside the caravan so that there is nothingrolling around while you drive too, as this can be an annoying distraction. Additionally,if this is going to be your first proper trip, it might also be useful to practice tricky manoeuvres such as reversing into a parking space, to give you a feel for how the caravan handles.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Caravan Insurance Cover

When planning a caravanning holiday, you should also check your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered. If you already have a policy in place, then before you set off, read over any documents to check your level of cover. If you do not yet have insurance, then it might be helpful to compare some of the different types of coverage and insurers using an insurance intermediary, like one sure insurance.

No one likes to think about their caravan being stolen, breaking down, or being involved in an accident, but knowing you are covered by a reliable insurance policy can provide some peace of mind. Going travelling abroad? Make sure that your caravan is covered for travelling overseas. Lots of caravan insurance policies do not offer cover while travelling abroad as standard, but it can often be added later if needed. Consequently, always check with your insurance provider ahead of time to make sure your caravan is insured for your holiday plans.

Plan Your Journey

In the age of the sat nav and useful apps such as Google Maps, spontaneous travel has never been so easy. However, it is still useful to work out the approximate route of your journey in advance. Factor in any rest stops you might need to take and do some research to find out how long it is going to take for you to reach your destination. Note any areas where the road conditions could prove difficult for a caravan, so that you can be extra careful during these moments in your journey.

Speed limits and other rules of the road can also be different for caravans. For example, in the UK the speed limit for a caravan is 60mph on the motorway, and if the motorway has three lanes you are not allowed to go in the outside lane to overtake. Similarly, on dual carriageways the speed limit for caravans is also 60mph, whereas on a single carriageway it is 50mph. Finally, research the place you plan on visiting beforehand to scope out any nearby facilities and amenities, like shops or eateries.

Ultimately, road trips are a wonderful way to enjoy time in your caravan, and above all,preparing for your journey can enhance your next holiday as it allows you to relax and feel in control of the situation. Are you looking for more budget friendly vacation ideas for your next vacation? Check out this guide which suggests 8 affordable holidays,each with a multitude of benefits.

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