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7 most effective real estate marketing ideas for realtors

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

When it comes to real estate marketing, there’s only one truth – it’s constantly changing; look at how massively it has changed over the years. Though the real estate industry is unpredictable, its lucrative business invites fierce competition. However, with these powerful and effective marketing strategies, realtors can stand out from the competition and ensure success in their marketing efforts.

  1. Create a user-friendly website

A user-friendly website means your clients can browse through pages quickly and effortlessly. If it doesn’t load fast, they won’t think twice before leaving the website. However, almost all purchase browsing is done through mobiles, and you must invest in a mobile optimised website.

Include relevant content for the best experience

  • Educational content to guide them through the home buying process. Videos are all the rage, so produce interactive real estate videos for the website.
  • List of new and updated property listings
  • Link to crucial services such as lawyers, home inspectors, and movers. Partner with local businesses for the same.

Focus on improving SEO

Google algorithms keep changing to stay ahead of the competition and optimise the website for relevant keywords and updated algorithms. Most potential buyers understand Google only ranks the best on top SERPs. Thus, a viable SEO technique is dominating search engines for visibility. Add your website to Google my business and real estate directories online for an influx of site traffic.

Maintain a consistent blog

A blog serves as an extraordinary promotional tool. It lets you educate buyers and share your views on the industry with a potential client base. When you share local market news or company updates on a blog, it helps you build as an authority figure. Including CTAs takes the readers down the marketing funnel. Besides, a blog helps improve SEO; take Hubspot, for example.

  1. Host virtual tours and webinars for experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is meant to engage prospects as you offer something valuable. It lets them interact with your business in a real-world situation. Some ways to implement experiential marketing in real estate are:

Virtual tours

Host virtual tours for homebuyers to give a tour of the area. One of the main reasons for the tectonic shift in real estate marketing is the online experience. Prospects look for properties online before making a buying decision. A virtual tour of the property is your chance to shine as you guide them through a home buying process. 

Besides, virtual tours of properties provide incredible content for digital marketing. It gives viewers an idea of what a home has to offer. Nevertheless, videos used in tours generate 49% of revenue for marketers. So make real estate videos for experiential marketing.

Free webinars

Conduct free webinars on topics useful to prospects because sharing knowledge is a great way to build connections. Partner with local businesses to leverage their customers. Collaborating with other businesses for webinars helps spread brand awareness. And attendees are more likely to recommend your business because they met you through a brand or local store they trust.  

In addition to this, the same webinar videos serve as permanent video content for YouTube. Using webinar content is considered a great real estate video marketing strategy. So post these interactive videos on social media channels to grab the attention of potential buyers.

  1. Leverage the potential of real estate video marketing

Though real estate video marketing is not an out of the box idea, it is definitely effective. Consider short, cute, animated videos to add a personal touch to your marketing efforts. Make real estate videos featuring local landmarks or amenities for a unique customer experience.

A home buying decision is heavily reliant on emotions. So, market your videos using emotions – it doesn’t have to be tear-shedder. Using simple phrases and words can do the trick. Connect with your audience by including emotional triggers like “Move to what moves you, your dream home awaits you, move in now to live the dream every day.”

  1. Leverage social media ads

One of the best ways to reach and interact with your audience is social media visibility. However, just creating accounts or posting content won’t help. To interact with your target groups, you need to market to them. Leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads lets you publicise your content without acting bumptious.

When marketing to a target audience with Facebook and Instagram ads, keep a few things in mind:

Type of content

The content you choose for ads is crucial to all marketing efforts. Since social media is a source of learning, inspiration, life stories, success and failures, reflect it in your ad content. A few great examples would be team bios, success stories, case studies, eye-catching videos of new or existing listings, before and after pictures of a property, and educational blog posts.

High-quality images

The key to getting a paid promotion noticed is using high-quality images. As for the real estate business, online images can make or break the deal. High-quality images of beautiful properties attract more buyers than inferior quality images. So, even if your property is great, a low-quality image is off-putting; it diminishes the buyer’s interest.

Hashtags or keywords

Face and Instagram ads come with all the necessary features to succeed in an ad campaign. You can pick ad budgets, target audience, demographics, length of the campaign, and type of content. But hashtags and keywords ensure the campaigns are optimised for the right audience.

  1. Develop an email campaign

Email marketing is the most underrated form of marketing, but the real estate business has a lot of information to offer. Customers also find it useful to receive valuable information in an email directly. So, sending out regular updates on the neighbourhood, regular announcements, and a round-up of blog content helps in the long run. 

Reach out to contacts through email campaigns with new listings. Include captivating images, make real estate videos of these listings, or invite them to a virtual staging of the home.

  1.  Create a Zillow profile

If you are in the real estate business, your marketing strategy isn’t complete without a Zillow profile. It is like a real estate online expo that increases your chances of being discovered. 

Although it is a bit pricey for realtors, do remember Zillow plays a huge role in home buying. Most people who look online for houses check Zillow for relevant listings. Maybe that’s why websites like Zillow account for 48% of all site traffic for real estate web searches.

A stellar real estate agent on Zillow is the one with solid ratings. So, use high-quality images, and make captivating real estate videos to rack up the ratings.

  1. Ask for referrals and testimonials

Do not forget your old customers, as their testimonials are both promotional and rewarding for real estate marketing. Keep in touch with them to build a loyal client base. Happy, loyal customers are a great source of new customers as they are likely to recommend your services to friends, colleagues, and family. Wishing them on important dates, offering guidance for maintenance, etc., may seem small but create a long term impact.  

Final thoughts

A successful real estate marketing campaign includes all traditional and modern tactics. As a realtor with dreams, explore every facet of marketing to stay above the saturated market. Thrive in the unpredictable real estate industry by increasing your local and online visibility. Build connections and leverage those connections to build online credibility.

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