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5 Cities That Are Perfect For Cold Weather Lovers

Cold Weather Lovers

A colder climate is not everyone’s cup of tea. For those of us who are essentially lovers of warmth, we cannot even relate to this. However, there are folks who really do enjoy living in the cold. For those who are partial to the cold temps, snowy mountains, and chilly air, we have some perfect cities for you. 

Bangor, Maine

It is no secret the more north you go, the colder it becomes during the winter months. And of course, if you go far enough North, then you’re looking at a winter-all-the-time kind of climate. In Bangor, there is the Penobscot River which contributed to the region’s industrial logging industry during the mid-1800s. Many industries resulted from the lumber industry such as the pulp and paper industry. Today, modern Bangor is home to about 30,000 locals, even one of them being Stephen King.


In the summer, you can expect to experience warm and sunny summers and cold, frigid winters. There are, on average, 55 days between December and February where the temperature stays below freezing, and in about 20 of those, the temperature is below 0 degrees. That sounds far too cold if you ask us.

Anchorage, Alaska

As stated above, if you go far enough north, you’re looking at a whole lot of wintery weather. If you decide that your heart belongs in Alaska, then you should probably be a fan of outdoor activities. There is so much to explore in Anchorage but you have to be prepared to face whatever the weather may throw your way. Downtown Anchorage is like any other downtown city with a hub of restaurants, hangouts, and businesses. 


Anchorage is the state’s most populous city with plenty of museums, schools and universities, and shopping. However, you can go just a few miles away and be in some of the densest woodlands you’ve ever experienced. Moose and black bears roam freely throughout Anchorage enjoying the average yearly snowfall of 72 inches. Anchorage is situated among the Chugach Mountains and is in close proximity to Mount Spurr, an active volcano. Anchorage is offering up nature at every angle. 


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brew City offers some amazing winter activities for everyone in the family. Located on Lake Michigan’s western shores, Milwaukee is famous for its beautiful waterfront views, its brewery industries, and its national park systems. There are actually over 140 parks in Milwaukee. And during the colder months, some of these parks offer up great views and recreation for the families who enjoy the snowy season. Some of these parks are nature centers that are vital to agricultural research. 


Many snowbirds look into Milwaukee homes for sale when they are looking to find a new hometown. Lafayette Hill and Humboldt Hill are locations for winter sledding. You can brush up on your skiing or snowboarding at Wilmot Mountain. You can even try your might at the Polar Bear Plunge in Lake Michigan. Not only are there activities for winter, but the holidays also bring that special Christmas vibe.

Boston, Massachusetts

In Boston, you get all four seasons and they are all pretty much on par with their traditional temperatures. However, with the location of this port town, there is no shortage of interesting weather. The ocean offers a breeze that generally keeps pushing throughout the whole year. It can be great in the Summer, yet frigid in the winter. Sometimes the snowfall in this area can be exceedingly high. 


Some of these more Northeastern states can experience winter weather from November to March. However, Boston is a city that comes through and many of the residents here are used to the extreme highs and lows of Boston’s weather. Many of our sources tell us that you should go into living in Boston with 0 expectations for the weather because there is no way to pin it down.


Bozeman, Montana

The midwest is home to some truly beautiful plains and mountain ranges. As another city that caters much to its outdoor recreational activities, there are so many family-friendly options. It is said that Bozeman averages about 91 inches of snow per year. That’s a ton of snow. And with snow comes skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowshoeing, and ice skating. There are a variety of options for all of these options as well. After you spend all day getting cold, you can come back to a warm museum or brewery to visit. 


You could pick any of these as a winery vacation or potential cold-weather home to live out your days in. All of these great cities have so much more to offer than just their weather. Check them out and see what you like best about these U.S. towns!

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