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Frequently Asked Questions about Scorpions

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Scorpions are, admittedly, pretty scary things to encounter – especially in the house. Although the creepy arachnids are mostly shy and stay out of trouble, no one will be convinced that they are safe when they are coexisting with scorpions in the same house.

Scorpions scare the hell out of many people – well, maybe because the pop culture portrays them as the deadly foes or because they are known to carry venom and so on. But the reality is most of the scorpion stings are not dangerous to people – on average; they are only about as hazardous as the sting from a bee. Some people even keep scorpions as pets (or even food).

We know this doesn’t make it easier for you and that you still have hundreds of questions regarding these creepy creatures. To help ease your mind, here is a list of some frequently asked questions about scorpions. Our list is not exhaustive, so you may want to talk to a pest control expert if we do not address your issue below.

How many babies do scorpions have?

A mother scorpion gives birth to between 2 and 100 babies in a single brood. Initially, these babies will have a soft exoskeleton, but after 10 to 20 days, it gets hard and stiff.

Are scorpions poisonous?

If what you have seen on TV or heard overtime is anything to go by, then scorpions are one of the most dangerous animals to be around. However, that’s not the case. There are more than 2000 scorpion species in the world today, but of this number, only 25 species have venom that’s harmful or lethal to humans. Keep in mind that smaller species are generally more dangerous than the bigger ones (but there are exceptions). If you suffer a bite, you should be checked.

Where do scorpions live?

Scorpions thrive in very hot and arid places – but you may still miss them in these areas when you search during the day. Since they are nocturnal creatures, they tend to hide away from the sunlight. Scorpions hide around logs, yard equipment, stones, trash/litter, in cracks and crevices, under furniture, corners, old clothes and so on.

Why are they inside my house?

Scorpions, like humans, need food, shelter and moisture to survive. So they are often on the lookout for food, moisture, and some darkness. So, if your home caters to some or all of these needs, the scorpions may invite themselves in and lay their weird exoskeleton heads.

How did they get inside?

Like most creepy creatures, scorpions tend to gain access into homes through pipework and plumbing (remember moisture and darkness). But they can also squeeze through tiny cracks, crevices and holes, or even through wood.

Can they climb walls?

Your bedroom that’s on the first floor may still not be out of reach for scorpions because most of them climb walls. But the good thing is that they can only do so on certain surfaces. Plastics and porcelain make it hard for them. Besides, scorpions are rather shy and wouldn’t want to stay in an open place for all that time. Again, scorpions have been known to cross the ceilings, albeit unsuccessfully – but still, you may want to check your bed before sleeping if you are in a scorpion prone environment.

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