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6 Simple Home Improvement Tips

home improvement

The homeowner of today is spoilt for choice when it comes to home-style options! There’s so much inspiration and design types on the web, it can be hard to decide what’s right for your home. The truth is, you don’t need a complete overhaul to upgrade your home’s style. Below, we have detailed 6 simple home improvement tips that could improve the overall look of your home in no time at all.

A Fresh Lick Of Paint Can Go A Long Way!

Whites, greys and pale colors quickly become boring if not complemented with something more eye-catching. All too often homeowners over-complicate their home interior or pick wrong colors which don’t compliment each other when all that’s really needed is a new lick of paint. The best way to add color to a room is to set up a feature wall. This is where a large wall within your chosen room will be painted a bold, striking color or have a patterned wallpaper on it and the other walls will be plainer to show this off.

A good example would be going for light grey walls alongside a feature light blue wall which really stands out and adds character. If you’d like a more warm feel, try using a crimson red. The possibilities are nearly endless and there are so many great color combinations just waiting to be tried! Be sure to consider the color and style of your furniture and try to tie this in with the new feature wall as best as possible. This is arguably the simplest and quickest way to change up your home design.

Clean The Clutter

Everyone builds up possessions over the years and it’s not usually a problem. When it does become a problem is if you’re struggling to find extra storage space in your home due to a hoard of unused items that you simply don’t need anymore. At the start of a new interior design project, it’s a great idea to clean out all the old possessions sitting at the back of cupboards. This will create some new-found space in your home. If you are any good at DIY, you could upscale your old furniture into storage such as painting an old bookcase and bringing it back to life as a way of storage that fits in your new room. 

You could also sell your unwanted possessions to make some extra cash for your new home interior project! Most people will have enough old mobile phones, tech, toys and other items that can be sold for some good money.

Simple Is Beautiful

Don’t try and get too complicated with your interior. Keeping things simple, spacious and clean will always make for an amazing design. You don’t need expensive furniture or accent pieces to redesign your home. Instead, focus on the basics and you can get to the expensive stuff later. Layout, colors, and furniture should all be set up to create the appearance of space.

Remember, your home needs to be functional as well as look great! Make sure you find suitable positions for big units, tables, and televisions that will be staying for the foreseeable future.

Rethink Your Furniture

Big and bulky pieces of furniture can make rooms look small and cramped. Instead, opt for a few pieces of larger furniture (if possible) that can be positioned to fit in with the overall look you’re going for. Try and keep a good amount of space between pieces of furniture to avoid that common ‘cramped’ feel. Light colors (or light woods) can be a great option to keep everything fresh and sharp.

Don’t Under-Estimate Windows

Windows are an essential piece of your home and should never be overlooked. Clean windows send a positive first impression to visitors and help a room feel clean, crisp and light. On the other hand, dirty windows can often ruin the overall feel of a design style. They can darken rooms and take that special something away from the design. If your windows face the sun, this can make a huge difference and window cleaning should be a priority.

Hiring an expert window cleaner can help you focus on the important aspects, while design fundamentals are being handled by a professional. Window cleaning should definitely be on your priority list.

Accessories Can Make Or Break Your Look

A few cleverly placed household accessories can add an extra element to your interior design. Select a few colors that compliment your style and pick out a few accessory pieces. Even visiting a charity shop or second-hand store can help you find that perfect accessory to complete your new home. Try to think where you will place the accessories before buying to prevent cluttering the rooms or buying mismatched items.

So, there are some simple home improvement tips that can change your home’s style in no time! Hopefully, you’re now ready to make a few small changes that will create a huge difference for your interior design.

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