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Contract Law: The Imperatives of Hiring a Small Business Lawyer

Hiring a Small Business Lawyer

Are you a self-employed consultant? Or, do you perhaps own your own small consulting business? If you interact with people and companies in a professional capacity, you will have signed a legal contract with the company you are consulting for, setting out the terms and conditions of your job role and what is expected of you.

Have you considered employing a Warren, small business lawyer, to assist you during the phase where the contract is being drafted? Or, is the cost of hiring an attorney prohibitive?

By way of providing the rationale behind the need to hire a legal expert to assist with the drawing up of business contracts, let’s look at a few imperatives or necessities of employing a small business attorney.

Provide vital assistance in all aspects of your business

A good corporate lawyer will provide essential assistance in all areas of your business, from the drawing up of contracts, basic zoning compliance, trademark protection, as well as providing a defense in the event of liability lawsuits being filed against you.

Increase your income

While the cost of hiring an attorney to assist with the drawing up of all legal contracts cannot be ignored, it must be counterbalanced by the potential increase in earnings derived from a legally reviewed contract.

For example, it is reasonable to assume that the company you are going to be consulting for, will attempt to procure your services for as little as possible, while you desire to increase your income by as much as possible. It’s vital to note that this statement might seem hyperbolic and contrary to doing business within the moral and ethical constraints of the law, it is a basic statement designed to describe the quintessential nature of the contractual relationship between two parties.

In practice, if you hire a contract specialist to review the contract before signing it, you will have peace of mind that your best interests, as well as the other party’s best interest, have been taken into account. And, while there is no guarantee, your income might increase because all the legal nuances have been ironed out.

Manage the contractual relationship between your business and third-party businesses

Depending on the size of your small business and the number of contracts you sign with your clients during a calendar year, it might be worth considering hiring an attorney on a retainer basis to manage all of your contractual obligations. This decision will free up your time and place your contract management duties in the hands of a professional, leaving you to focus on the core essence of your business.

Play an active role in any litigation matters

It is wise to have a business attorney on retainer, especially if you or your business has been named in a personal injury lawsuit. Again, the cost to benefit ratio must be taken into account. It might cost a lot of money to hire a professional attorney. However, on the other hand, the benefit or the ROI is well worth the cost. It is simply a matter of tasking professionals with handling the parts of your business that you are not qualified to handle; thereby, saving time, money, and giving peace of mind which translates into your ability to do your job professionally and as quickly as possible.


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