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6 upcoming industries in India

If you are moving out of college next year or so, and looking to make a bet on your own business, then you must be searching for the industries that are emerging currently, and you can quickly make money out of those shortly.  Getting with the sectors, India is still a developing country, and hence […]

Seven Goals to Set as a Small Business Owner in 2018

People think that there is too much time to end this year but actually time flies so fast. I must say that this is a perfect time for the planning and setting goals for next coming year. Small business owners must start to create some goals regarding their future plans for business so that it […]

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator – A Quick Take!

  Just like any other crisis, financial disasters can also give you jitters especially if you have not planned your finances tactfully. The key here is to look for remedies instead of giving in.Lucky for you, there are many types of personal loans offers available these days which can take care of your financial worries. […]

Is it possible to avoid registrating after hitting the threshold?

Here’s the scenario: Your business has been running with a steady monthly income and so you’ve never exceeded the registration threshold, but then a big one-time contract changes this. Can you avoid VAT registration?   Registration It’s required for your business to register for VAT if your business makes taxable supplies, as well as meets […]