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Weight Loss and Muscle Building Plan

Muscle Building Plan

You can run rest and squat all day, but without the right nutrients, you will not work hard. The muscle needs a number of specific amino acids and macronutrients to properly repair (read: regrowth).

In addition, some molecules can help your muscles fight fatigue while helping the last repetitions that make the difference in the mirror. There are many products and minerals that claim to help you build muscle, and science shows that some of them will bring you small gains.

But we are looking for good weapons, supplements with the strongest science behind them to help you build volume. And if you think protein is all there is to cheat, listen: these are the five most important supplements you need to take to build muscle.

Do not forget to take a look at the best foods to increase your volume without getting fat.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Do you find yourself with muscle aches and fatigue, but still not getting the fat loss results you expect? If so, you should take BCAA. Studies at the University of Birmingham at the present time exposed that study participant who took BCAAs before and after training had a significant reduction in muscle pain. A Brazilian study went a step further, revealing that BCAA supplements help reduce fatigue and burn fatter in those with glycogen deficiency.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Do you think that all fat is bad? Think again. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) contains omega fatty acids, also known as “good fats”. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have discovered that CLA can help you lose fat and preserve muscle tissue, according to a study originally published in the Journal of Nutrition. One the research, 69 persons who took CLA lost an average of six pounds. Make sure to get omega fatty acids from your diet or supplements.


Do you want to develop strength and muscle mass? Try the creatine. Canadian researchers group conducted an eight-week study and found that Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-I), which causes anabolic effects in adults, increased by more than 20% in adults. Participated in creatine and performed weight training. Be careful not to take excessive amounts as several side effects have been reported. According to the European Food Safety Authority, a creatine supplementation of three grams per day is a safe quantity.


Does all this training make you know or even hurt? If so, glutamine may help reduce inflammation and the risk of infection, according to a study from the University of Trieste in Italy. Glutamine could also assist improvement muscle growth by generally glycogen in your body, which would raise redaction and muscle growth, according to an analysis guided at the University of Dundee in Scotland.

Protein Bars and Powders

Ask an expert and they will tell you the importance of consuming protein before and after exercise to stimulate muscle growth. Unfortunately, nobody can take meal plan around the workout, and protein supplements like powders and nutritious bars are very helpful. Do you have to eat and run? Forget the fat and unhealthy fast food, and take a nutritional bar that contains high-quality protein and also provides essential fats and carbohydrates. Do you have more time? Mix a refreshing protein drink. you can also check simple method to loose weight.


Can you hear your body speak? Probably not, but if you could, I would probably say that exercise removes a lot of things, including the loss of the vitamins you need to maintain yourself. Unfortunately, research shows that many who work hard while desperately trying to maintain a specific weight often lack vitamins. Multivitamins should help correct this loss. Start the day with this supplement and take only the recommended amount.  You can also check how to lose weight without exercise.

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