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Now that it is confirmed that there has been a Google broad core algorithm update, there is a lot to know about it for SEO experts and people who own websites. SEO scientists and gurus had already been predicting a change around the corner, since they observed changes that signaled to a major update. And as guessed, it did happen. In the month of March 2019, we have witnessed the first broad core Google algorithm update of the year.


As an official statement came in the form of a tweet by the official liaison of Google- Danny Sullivan, it has been confirmed that Google has yet again rolled out a broad core algorithm update. As the tweet stated, the update started rolling out on March 12th. But it seems like this update rolled out in phases and it took a couple of more days for stabilization in the rankings.

If you wonder what Danny Sullivan had tweeted, here’s the tweet- “This week, we released a Broad Core Algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before”.

What’s more is- this Google update has been called as Florida 2 update. Brett Tabke, the owner of webmasterWorld forum and PubCon conference has been naming many of the Google algorithm updates that have rolled out in the past. And most of his names have become popular, and pretty much like those, Florida 2 has also become a popular name for the March 19 update.


For people who don’t know, there was an update made by Google back in 2003 which came to be known as the Florida update since Brett held a PubCon conference in Florida. And now that Brett ran another PubCon conference in Florida just a week before the update rolled out, it got its name- Florida 2. Though the name may suggest a similarity between the two updates to people who don’t know the exact reason, now you can see that there is no similarity between the November 2003 update and the Google algorithm update 2019.


As this update has become the talk of the town, many people say it has something to do with YMYL and EAT websites yet again, like the August 2018 broad core Google algorithm update. And some people suggest that this update is similar to the penguin update. It is important to say that right now, it would be too soon to conclude or even guess what this Google update is actually about. What can be said with guarantee is that since this is a broad core update in Google search algorithm, it would cause changes in search engine ranking for certain websites.


The first Google algorithm update of the year has just been out and we are still to see what kind of websites are going to be affected or what reasons would cause a change in Google ranking for websites. However, there are a few tips that may work once you witness drop in rankings.

First of all, if you are an SEO agency, make it a point to inform your clients about the update which is why the rankings might have dropped. Once you do that, see if there are any loopholes in your SEO strategies and quality of content. If not, carry out regular SEO optimization and follow the standard SEO guide as you normally would and be patient. Many times, Google has reverted a few of its updates which brings the rankings back to normal and it might do it this time as well.

As Google has always suggested, it puts a lot of assertion on the fact that it intends to reward websites that deliver best content and take the right measures for ranking. This is why, double check that the content that you post is informative, unique, reliable, and appealing to the audience. Stick to all the white hat SEO techniques and stay away from black hat techniques. Google algorithm for SEO penalize websites that use black hat techniques in the most severe ways.


With this update, there is a lot of talk going on. People are already guessing what kind of websites would be affected. Yet another notion is that Google rolled out a broad core Google algorithm update last year in March. And it did the same this year as well. So, is this going to become a trend? For now, it is safe to say that being patient and waiting to see concrete results is the only workable solution. With that being said, SEO experts and website owners need to be ready for just about anything. Make yourself well-equipped to take the right measures if you witness a drop in ranking from the update.

Author Bio: A creative content writer and an SEO specialist working currently at Stan Ventures, a popular White label guest posting service provider. You can reach me online through LinkedIn for a quick response.

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