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Way Out of Spending Money on Lavish Hotels While Traveling!!


Are you also the person whom many destinations of the world haunt? My heart wanders for such places and I’m sure it’s same with you.

I guess you also love to roam of lands remote, to see the cascades of water, to climb the mountains and do many more things; but money comes as a hurdle for such dreams of wonders.

No worries!! Don’t give up your dreams, make a plan. What if I say, you can get the best of your money as there are so many awesome and affordable possibilities to skip the hotels while traveling.

So, here you will find 8 cheap substitutes where you don’t need to pay a lot and enjoy the adventures of journey:

1)   Apartments and Home Rentals :   

A popular trend to which you will never say “NO”. Stay in a furnished apartment and pay less than a hotel.

Get all the comforts and amenities as you are in your own home and for that, you don’t have to pay much.rented house

All you have to do is, you just have to check apartment and house rental sites. These sites provide you an individual room, couch or entire apartment on rent.

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Traveling in groups and with a family? This option is definitely only for you.

2)   Home Exchange:

Have you heard about a home swap? No!! First exciting thing about is that it’s nearly free. Swapping houses with another traveler is a gain only. Then rush to House swapping sites.

home exchange

Let’s check it out how it works:

  • Go to House swapping site
  • See the availability of the people to swap with.
  • Search the location.
  • Check the reviews.
  • Reach direct to the homeowner and offer to swap your home for theirs.

3)   Religious Housing :

Are you finding an escapade from the city life? Then, religious housing is right place for you. Religious housing as temples, gurudwaras, convents, and monasteries are usually safer than any other places.

A peaceful, calm and clean environment is a great amenity of these places. These are far from crowds, in rural or remote areas.

 They welcome families as well as individuals with open arms and they often have big rooms for the families.

4)  Camping:

Do you want to feel the total freedom, breathe in fresh air & count the stars at night? Then camping is a great option.

Once I experienced it when I went for a NCC Camp, which was an experience that I have never experienced before. It was like the whole earth and the whole sky was mine.campying

 Are you also set for camping somewhere to enjoy your journey?

You don’t have to carry all the stuff for camping with you. Many sites provide tent and caravans of different standards and different rents. You can make a choice according to your budget.

Just have a sound sleep in the quiet lap of nature.

5) Couch surfing:

What an idea? Stay as a guest at someone’s house and moreover, hosts don’t charge any amount from guests for their stay.

 Isn’t it very interesting?  Meet some wonderful people and learn their culture and tell them yours. Be a friend of your host and travel with them and find a new world around.  Reach site if you find it interesting too.

I’m sure you will take home so many cherished memories with you.

6) Academic Housing:

Mostly in summers, when the students go home in holidays & many colleges open the dorms for the visitors.

 Of course they charge you a certain amount but it’s not going to be a heavy burden on your pockets. So opt it, as it is safer to live in a college hostel than any other option.

 Hurry up!! Check the academic housing sites this summer.

 7) Boat Houses:

Do you love to live in comfortable floating houses or the cabin on lakes?

Then I’m sure these boat houses are made for you.

If I tell about myself, for me, it’s a dream being alive in front of my very eyes.

 Do you enjoy being a part of pure nature? What are you thinking then? Many sites are open for you.

 Go and book boat houses.  Some of the sites will grab you the best deals for these boat houses in a blink of eyes.

 8) House Sitting:

Isn’t it amazing? You get a house to live in, instead of paying them; you will get a good fortune as a salary.

 House sitting is something that home owners recruit someone trustworthy to take care of their houses or pets. They pay a genuine amount for that. House sitting sites are no far away.

 The whole house is yours. It’s like someone is paying you for your holidays.

I have no idea which of the option you have liked the most; but it is certain that you choose any of these alternatives; you will enjoy everything that you have dreamed while traveling.

 I guess you will be back with awesome stories for me after your return from your holidays. I would love to hear from your side.

 I wish you a happy journey!!

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